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Tooth Whitening

The color of your teeth can affect the confidence you have about your smile. Although it is not permanent, tooth whitening (bleaching) is a simple dental treatment used to change the color of your teeth.

Because Dr. Williams has worked hard on involving up-to-date services with his practice, we now offer Lumibrite Services that allow us to make your teeth noticeably whiter within 30 minutes. It is pain-free and fast.

Some needs for tooth whitening may include:

  • Fluorosis
  • Normal ware of outer-tooth layer
  • Stained teeth

For patients who may feel more comfortable with traditional whitening trays, we keep that option available. We know that what our patients want and feel comfortable with is of the greatest importance to how we take care of you in our practice.

Touch-ups may be needed every several years when receiving whitening treatment. They may be needed more often if you smoke, drink coffee, tea or wine. Whitening is non-evasive and ideal when enhancing the beauty of your smile.